Two brothers give their mother the holiday of her dreams, she doesn’t recognise her house when she returns – Story of the Day

Two brothers give their mother the holiday of her dreams, she doesn’t recognise her house when she returns – Story of the Day

After sending their mother on a dream holiday, the two men agreed to carry out their secret plan. When their mother later returned home, she did not recognise her home and burst into tears when she saw what they had done.

Nothing in the world can be more painful than losing a loved one. Janet, a mother of two, unfortunately experienced this first-hand when she lost her husband Thomas, with whom she lived for 25 years.

It had been two months since her husband had been buried, but Janet was still drowning in misery and tears.

Eric and Brad could not bear to see their mother suffer so much. To comfort her, they discussed with her the places she would like to visit.

Janet pulled out an old photo album and began listing beautiful moments from her love affair with their late father, and suddenly burst into tears, pointing to one photo…

“I still remember this place,” she exclaimed, pointing to an old photograph of the bridge. “I met your father here. We shared the same passion for nature walks and bird watching. I wish I could go back and tell him how much I miss him.”

After listening to their mother, 20-year-old Eric and Brad came up with an idea. The next day, they surprised her with a plane ticket to grant her wish.

“But it’s thousands of miles away. Are you sure you want me to go that far alone?”, Janet asked her sons, surprised and crying.

“Mother, believe us… you won’t regret this trip,” said Eric.

“Yes, mother… You need a holiday… you must go.”

Janet could not resist the offer, as she was happy to revisit the place that symbolised her love for her late husband. She agreed and two days later she left on holiday, not knowing what her sons were planning to do with her house.

“Thank you very much, son. I still feel the same way, and I’m standing on the very place where your father proposed to me!” – Janet said in response to a call from her holiday destination.

“Mum, we’re glad you’re enjoying your holiday. I hope you’ll be comfortable at the hotel we booked for you,” Eric replied.

“Yes, my son, it’s incredible. It still feels like it was yesterday when I met your father. I wish you and your brother were with me now.”

“Well, I’m sorry, Mom… Brad and I have important work to do here… Maybe some other time, okay? I’ll call you later, bye!”.

Janet blindly believed Eric and assumed that they did have important work. But she didn’t know what they had on their minds.

For the next few days, Janet walked around town, reminiscing about the good times with Thomas. She visited all the places, including their favorite cafe, and felt her heart lift.

Meanwhile, Eric and Brad realized that they were running out of time and decided to go ahead with their plan. They also took a week off from work so they could get everything done before their mother returned.

“Hurry up, Brad. We have to finish this before she gets here,” Eric said.

“Yeah, you’re right. Let’s hurry up,” Brad replied.

“I’m glad you got the idea to get her out of the house,” Eric added. “Otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to make these changes.”

Both men were busy all week. They woke up before sunrise and were busy until late at night. Soon it was the day of Janet’s return. Eric met her at the airport and was alarmed.

“…And then I went to the cafe where your father offered me this…..” Janet recounted her trip. “What’s wrong, honey? You look tense.”

” Ah, nothing, Mom… I’m just tired,” Eric asserted.

Janet knew something was wrong, especially after seeing Eric constantly on the phone.

“Is everything ready? Yes, we’re on our way… soon….,” she heard him talking to someone. Janet began to suspect something, but when she got home, she got the biggest surprise of her life.

“My God!” – she exclaimed. “What happened to my house? How did you boys do it?”

Eric and Brad walked over to their mother and led her into the house.

“Here, Mom, we finished what Daddy started,” they said in chorus as they showed her her repaired house. “…And wait, there’s one more surprise for you.”

The brothers agreed to repair the house and paint it. Their father began renovating the house, but died of heart failure, leaving the repairs unfinished. Eric and Brad surprised their mother by finishing the job for their father. They renovated the kitchen, added new furniture to the living room, and painted the house.

Janet was stunned to see her home. She couldn’t believe her eyes and burst into tears, but she was told to hold back her tears for another surprise.

Eric and Brad blindfolded their mother and led her to her room. As soon as they removed the blindfold, an emotional Janet burst into tears.

“My God, this is amazing!” – she exclaimed.

On her wall is a beautiful collection of family photos from different times. Her children’s comforting gesture touched Janet. She hugged and kissed them, unable to stop the tears.

Eric and Brad knew their mother would love their surprise. But seeing her so emotional and choking back tears of joy brought them to tears.

Later that evening, Janet spent much time with her sons in front of the fireplace, telling them about her impressions of the holiday.

“…. And here’s the most amazing part! I felt your father’s hand on my shoulder as soon as I closed my eyes and said ‘I love you’ on the bridge. I felt his presence in a gust of wind that made my heart lighter and happier!”

“Yes, Mom, Dad is always with us in our memories!” said Eric as Brad played a beautiful tune on the piano, filling their beautiful home with fond memories!

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