How a mother thanked teenagers for rescuing her daughter

How a mother thanked teenagers for rescuing her daughter

This incident took place in Missouri in May 2020. Teenager Aiden Kyle and his friends were splashing in a tributary of the Castor River in a city park. After the rain, the water rose, even flooding the bridge. There was an open culvert underneath.

“We were in the park. It was raining, the water was over the bridge and we were all swimming and splashing and having fun. There was a little girl there, we noticed she was missing somewhere,” recalls Aiden, 11. “This happens to be the second time I’ve seen a drowning,” the boy recounted. The flow of water was pulling little Kinsley Stewart into the culvert.

“I saw her hand, so I jumped in and grabbed hold of it,” Aiden recalls. However, the current was too strong, Aiden couldn’t cope on his own and asked a friend, Isaiah Randol, for help. “He got sucked in with her, so I jumped into the water, grabbed her hand and we pulled together,” Isaiah said. “Then two more boys came along and the four of us were able to pull her out.”

The girl was taken to hospital. There she was examined and released home. “I was under water with my eyes open. I saw a green mass,” she recalled.

The girl’s mum, Casey Stewart, decided to give a gift to the teenagers who saved her daughter. She works in a café. Casey said the boys could come to the cafe and eat burgers every day for free. “Your deed cannot be appreciated with any money,” she said.

The city plans to install warning signs or grating over the culvert.

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