VIDEO: The vocals of Donnie Wahlberg’s autism stepson have amazed the public, and Donnie’s proud stepfather feels “blessed” by his son…

VIDEO: The vocals of Donnie Wahlberg’s autism stepson have amazed the public, and Donnie’s proud stepfather feels “blessed” by his son…

In order to fulfill his role as a parent, one of the original members of New Kids on the Block, Donnie Wahlberg, cashed in his reputation as a bad kid. He also has a stepson who has autism in addition to his two biological kids. Kimberley Fey, his ex-wife, is the biological mother of his boys, and Jenny McCarthy, his current companion, is the biological mother of his stepson.

The families of Wahlberg and McCarthy are practically indistinguishable from one another, and their three sons get along with one another much as they would with biological siblings. The whole Wahlberg family, and particularly his three sons, are under the ferocious protection of Wahlberg.

Evan Asher, who is Wahlberg’s stepson, is a talented musician who has just released his first single with the assistance of his stepfather. Evan penned the words, while Evan, Wahlberg, and Elijah, Evan’s stepbrother, contributed to the music composition. Wahlberg was also involved in the executive production of the song.

Around two weeks ago, Evan published the song “It Doesn’t Matter” on YouTube along with the official music video for the track. Almost immediately, he was showered with praise from everyone who had the opportunity to see the “masterpiece.”

One fan said that they had been listening to the song on repeat all night, while another fan referred to him as a “complete rockstar,” and a third admirer referred to the song as a masterpiece. Someone mentioned how young he was and how great he was, adding that they were looking forward to hearing more music from him.

One lady said that it touched her heart to see that Evan was pursuing his aspirations and producing music because it motivated her. She also mentioned that it encouraged her. In her words:

“Evan was the first person I ever heard of who had the term autism; now I’m parenting my own autistic daughter, and that gives me hope that she will achieve too.” Evan was the first person I ever heard of who had the word autism.

Although Evan already has a large number of followers, none of them are as enthusiastic about him as his family. Everyone in Evan’s family, including his mother, stepfather, and stepbrothers, has expressed how they feel about his pursuing his aspirations.

Evan was the one who had written the song at first, but he had no intention of performing it himself. Evan’s stepfather and stepbrother, who is the main singer for the band Pink Laces, both gave him some encouragement to give it a go, and eventually, he gave in and decided to give it a shot.

Elijah became Evan’s companion for the whole of the process and guided him through the steps necessary to feel at ease while performing the music that Evan had composed. When it came time to make the music video, the boys solicited their father’s assistance in the endeavor.

The elder Wahlberg, who is now active in the film industry, was more than happy to assist his sons in realizing their vision for the music video. When asked how he felt about being able to assist his boys, Wahlberg answered the following:

“It was a pleasure to assist Evan in turning his music become a reality. He is such an amazingly genuine young guy, and he really has the heart of a saint in addition to the creative energy of an artist.”

It was made clear by Wahlberg that nothing had been given to Evan, and he had to put forth the same amount of effort as everyone else in order to demonstrate that he was deserving of having his song created. After that, Wahlberg said that he could not possibly be more proud of Evan than he was when the song was released.

He also said that even if Evan decided that acting wasn’t his ultimate life path, he could still do anything.

Jenny McCarthy and Mark Wahlberg first became acquainted with one another while McCarthy was raising her son Evan by herself. It was a challenge for her to care for her autistic kid while still maintaining a personal life, but once she met Wahlberg, everything started to fall into place.

Before becoming really involved with one another in a romantic relationship, the couple decided to take some time to get to know one another and determine whether or not their children got along with each other. Despite this, they were both aware that they had made a connection with their future husband.

Up until the day when Mark Wahlberg proposed to Jenny McCarthy, Evan had never referred to Mark as his “dad.” She claimed that she was seated in a room when both Evan and Wahlberg exited and that Evan then came back into the room with a card that said “will,” followed by two following cards that said “you” and “marry.”

McCarthy, in her reminiscences of the day, said that the next event that took place was Mark Wahlberg entering the room while wearing a shirt that read “me?” Instantaneously, she gave her assent, and she was weeping as Evan exclaimed:

“There’s more than one dad!”

She said that it was at this time that they all felt emotional and shed tears of pleasure together since they were finally a family. This was something that she recalled vividly when she thought back on it. Even during his own wedding to Wahlberg, Evan took on the responsibility of honorably escorting his mother down the aisle.

When talking about the day of the wedding, McCarthy revealed that it was particularly meaningful to her because her son was by her side during one of the most important moments of her life, and the fact that he shared such a beautiful bond with Wahlberg caused her to feel emotional. McCarthy and Wahlberg tied the knot in 2011.

Wahlberg has said that the relationship he has with Evan is very apart from the one that he has with his own boys, despite the fact that he has an unbelievable connection with all of his sons, including Evan. Wahlberg also has an extraordinary connection with Evan. He refers to Evan as a “gift” that he owes a debt of gratitude to god for.


Evan, on the other hand, is very loving and likes to keep Wahlberg apprised of exactly how he is feeling at all times, in contrast to his other boys, who, according to him, are more academic and less honest with their emotions.

Wahlberg claims that McCarthy engages in academic discourse with his boys, while he and McCarthy’s son engage in activities such as playing ball together or sharing their affection for one another. He blurted out:

Because of this, we are now a part of one other’s life, and our children connect with each other’s children in ways that they and we did not connect with our own children.

McCarthy and Wahlberg are proud of the fact that they have raised their blended family in a manner that ensures everyone feels seen and heard, regardless of the circumstances. Each of their children has a special connection with the children of the other parent.

Even though he already had two great boys by the time he married his lovely wife in 2014, Mark Wahlberg felt even more grateful when he was able to welcome a third son into the family in 2015. Wahlberg made this statement on Twitter in 2015.

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