Boy carries disabled friend home on his back, his grandmother’s bills are paid as a reward – Story of the day

Boy carries disabled friend home on his back, his grandmother’s bills are paid as a reward – Story of the day

The poor boy carries his invalid best friend on his back to his house. A few days later, against all odds, his family’s problems were solved and a touching reunion took place in front of his house.

Buddy, aged 10, was an ordinary boy with an extraordinary heart. He had many friends, but never had a ‘best friend’ until he met Simon, a new boy in class who got around in a wheelchair.

None of the children liked to play with Simon. He stayed away from the games and no one tried to be friends with him except Buddy. Buddy went against everyone else and quickly bonded with Simon because he believed that real friends come in all shapes and sizes…

Buddy lived with his grandmother, Doris, in their small house on the outskirts of town. He had lost his parents five years earlier in a car accident. Doris raised him, she was all he had, and he always wanted his grandmother to be proud of him.

Buddy promised himself that he would do anything to make his grandmother proud and happy, and soon his prayers were answered, but in ways, he could never have imagined.

“Haaaaah! I have a long way to go to help my grandmother. I’m only ten years old. I still have to finish school, go to college and get a job… Only then will I be able to bring her money to help her,” he often thought.

Buddy always wanted to help Doris with her medical bills and rent, so in his spare time he mowed neighbours’ lawns, walked dogs and even helped elderly people carry groceries home in exchange for a dollar.

By now he had collected $70, but it was not enough to cover their expenses. Buddy kept working, and the only person who comforted him was Simon, his best friend.

The two boys often went to the woods near their school to birdwatch in their spare time. It was their favourite pastime.

One afternoon, on the last school day before the summer holidays, they went to their favourite spot in the woods.

Buddy was pushing Simon’s wheelchair and discussing the adventure ahead of them. They went off laughing into the thick forest, not knowing what awaited them.

“I think we should go home, Simon. I think it’s all overgrown because of yesterday’s rain. Look, it’s so swampy and damp here.”

But Simon insisted. “It’s all right, Bud. Let’s get down to business. I’m sure we’ll see lots of birds, because after the rain they usually come hunting for worms and insects. Give me a push, will you!”

“All right, behave yourself,” Buddy replied, pushing Simon’s wheelchair further.

A few moments later, the boys had trouble moving forward. One of the wheels hit a branch under a mud puddle. The wheelchair broke, making further travel difficult.

“What the hell! How are we going to get back? We’re stuck!” – Simon shouted.

“Dude, I told you, but you didn’t listen. Wait, let me think.”

The weather got even worse. The boys could hear the peals of thunder in the mountains and it frightened them. They wanted to run away, but they could not part.

“Wait, I have a plan,” Buddy exclaimed, bending down to lift his friend from the wheelchair. His attempt failed because Simon was too heavy for him. But he didn’t give up. “Simon put your arm around my shoulders. Hold on tight, Simon. This should work.”

Finally Buddy managed to lift Simon onto his back. He took the boy by the legs and carried him to the empty main road. Unfortunately, the cars that usually drove on this road had swerved as a fallen tree blocked the way, so there was no chance for the boys to hitch a ride home.

Buddy was hungry and exhausted. But the most important thing for him was to get his friend home safely. He walked with Simon pressed against his back, panting and puffing. He was tired, but he kept walking.

An hour later the boys arrived at Simon’s house. His parents were worried and breathed a sigh of relief when they saw them.

“His wheelchair was damaged in the forest. So I carried him!” – Buddy said.

“Buddy, thank you so much for getting my son back safe and sound,” said Simon’s mother. “I can’t believe you carried him all the way on your back!”

Simon’s parents gave him a cake as a gesture of thanks, and Buddy ate a piece before saying goodbye to the family.

He returned to his grandmother’s house and did not mention what he had done that day. He didn’t think carrying Simon on his back was a big deal.

A few days later their landlord came to tell them something that surprised Doris.

“Mrs Freidman, you don’t need to worry about this year’s rent. Everything has been paid in full. I came here to let you know that.”

“My rent is paid? But I was just about to call you to ask for an extension.”

“Yes, your rent is paid in full. You have nothing to worry about.”

“But who paid my rent? I didn’t ask anyone to.”

A few minutes later Simon’s parents came in and hugged Doris.

“You’ve raised such a wonderful grandson, Mrs. Freidman!” – they said, while Buddy watched in shock.

In fact, Simon told his parents that Buddy had always wanted Grandma to be proud of him and to help her with their financial problems. Although Simon’s parents were poor, they decided to help Buddy, who had always been kind and caring to their son. They started an online fundraising campaign and managed to raise $12,000 for Doris and Buddy.

“…And that’s how we managed to pay your rent. We even brought you some medicine,” Simon’s father told him. “Mrs. Freidman, we’re glad we could help you.”

Doris and Buddy were stunned. That evening they invited Simon and his family over for dinner. It was the most enjoyable time of Buddy’s life, but another surprise was waiting for him.

A few days later he opens the door and is surprised to see Simon outside – without his wheelchair and standing on his feet!

“Simon?! How can you stand on your feet? I’m so happy!” – he shouts.

“You’ve made life a lot easier for us, Bud. You helped me and my parents helped your family. Our neighbours found out about it and, in turn, raised money for an operation on my leg. In the end, we all helped each other!

The boys hugged each other and cried with joy, realising how a small act of kindness could make all the difference.

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