The Man Took Home the Sick Former stepdaughter and Got 45,000 Dollars to Pay For The Sons’ School – Story of the Day

The Man Took Home the Sick Former stepdaughter and Got 45,000 Dollars to Pay For The Sons’ School – Story of the Day

The poor father of three brought his sick ex-stepdaughter home, finding her sleeping on the street. He knew nothing of the anonymous letter and the reward he would later find in his mailbox that would change his life.

After six years with Leslie, Reynold abruptly broke up with her. Two years later, he married Evie, his best friend. Reynolds was delighted with his new life, and they welcomed three beautiful babies into their family.

By this time, he had forgotten about his former partner, but for some reason, he still had not forgotten about Madison, Leslie’s eight-year-old daughter from her previous marriage. He loved her very much and was very attached to the girl.

“What’s wrong, darling? You look confused,” Evie brought Reynold back to reality by running her hand through his hair. “Is everything all right?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I was just thinking about Madison.”

“Your ex’s daughter?”

“She’s such a sweet kid. I hope she’s happy wherever she is.”

“Oh, don’t worry, honey. I’m sure she’s fine. Her mother left you to marry a rich man, didn’t she?”

Gloomy memories of Leslie still haunted Reynold. He couldn’t get over the fact that, despite her total devotion to their relationship, she had left him for Bruce, the rich man she knew. The reality shook him badly, but he assumed Madison was all right.

“Bye, honey!” Reynold kissed Evie before he left for work that day. He got into his used car and drove off.

“Traffic is congested these days!” – he muttered. He waited anxiously for the green light to come on. He looked around and his attention was drawn to a little girl sleeping on a bench by the side of the road. He watched her carefully through the gaps between the cars. He could not believe his eyes when he recognised the child.

“Madison?!” – he shouted, stopping beside her. “Madison? Wake up!”

The girl moved and opened her eyes.

“Madison, honey, what are you doing here? Where’s your mother?”

The girl quickly recognised him and burst into tears.

“Reynold! I’m so glad you found me before he did,” she replied.


“Bruce, my mother’s husband.”

“And where exactly is she?”

“My mother died of a heart attack two months ago.”

“What… Leslie died?” – Reynold said.

“And what happened to you? Why are you sleeping here? Come with me. I’ll take you to your stepfather’s house.”

“No, please. I don’t want to go,” she shouted. “I don’t like Bruce, and it’s mutual. He’s rude to me. After my mother died, he would often bring women home and they would party all night, dancing and laughing loudly. I couldn’t stand it anymore and run away from our house.”

Madison began to cry until she lost consciousness.

“Madison, honey, wake up!” – Reynold shouted, touching her face. But she didn’t wake up.

He rushed her to the hospital, where doctors discovered that her heart was damaged and she needed surgery. It would cost about $30,000.

Reynold was overwhelmed. He was already struggling to pay his own debts and was trying hard to get a promotion. But he also could not ignore Madison’s needs. He regarded her as his daughter.

“All right, Doctor! I’ll find the money,” he assured her before taking Madison home.

“I’m sorry, Evie. I should have discussed it with you first, but I couldn’t leave her alone like this. She needs us. We have to save her life.”

Although she doubted how they would manage their expenses, Evie supported Reynold’s decision. They sold their car and used all their savings to pay for Madison’s surgery.

A few weeks later, the girl recovered from the operation and returned home to live with Reynold’s family.

Reynold was confident when he legally adopted Madison, and they lived happily ever after.

Two years later, on the girl’s 10th birthday, Reynold’s prayers were answered in the most surprising way when he discovered a strange letter in his mailbox.

He opened the letter and discovered it had been sent by a man named Lewis, who claimed to be Madison’s grandfather.

“I am happy that my granddaughter, Madison, has finally found a loving home. I thank you for taking her in, Mr. Sandler. And I’m sorry it took me so long to reach out to her. It took me a long time to call her my granddaughter.”

was the first line.

It turned out that Lewis was the father of Leslie’s first husband.

Reynold continued reading, and there was another surprise waiting for him.

“I couldn’t forgive my son for disobeying me and getting together with his girlfriend Leslie. I cut him out of my life. When I was ready to forgive him, it was too late. He died in an accident. I never wanted to be involved in my granddaughter’s life, but now that I’ve changed my mind, I’m too old to take care of her alone. Here’s the cheque. I hope it will help you take care of her education. Mr. Sandler, thank you so much for being in Madison’s life. Thank you for not looking for me. I’d like to remain anonymous.

Respectfully, Lewis.”

Reynold took the cheque out of the envelope and was amazed. It was enough to pay not only for Madison’s education, but also for his children’s. He shared the good news with his family, and although he wanted to contact Lewis and thank him, he decided to respect his wishes.

At this point, Reynold couldn’t hold back tears of joy. He saw his children jumping for joy, confident that their future was built on a foundation of Lewis’ love, compassion and blessings.

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