The 11-year-old’s audition makes the judges fall in love with her… You won’t believe it when you see how she did that…

The 11-year-old’s audition makes the judges fall in love with her… You won’t believe it when you see how she did that…

When Lara appeared on The Voice Kids to sing a rendition of Taylor Swift’s «Shake it off,» she seemed calm as she came out on stage to do her performance.

The young child, however, started sobbing as soon as the adults in the room turned around and sat down.

Many viewers of the show will attest to the fact that it is incredibly moving to observe the judges when they hit the large red button and turn around.

This vocalist from the Czech Republic may only be eleven years old, but her personality has already won over the entire world.

Lara emerged from the shadows dressed in leather and ignited the audience with her high-octane performance.

Swift penned the song as a rebuttal to those who have been critical of her.

Swift even went so far as to add, «I’ve learned that one of the most difficult lessons is that people may say anything they want about us at any given moment, and we have no control over it.»

We are solely responsible for the manner in which we react to it.

Swift subsequently stated the following in an interview with Rolling Stone: «Everything about my life has been examined: my choices, actions, words, body, style, and music.»

You have two options when there is a continual watch on your life: you can either give in to the pressure and let it destroy you, or you can develop the ability to deflect and avoid criticism.

I think that’s how I deal with things—by just brushing them off.

Due to the fact that it is such a terrific dance-pop song, you will still be bobbing your head along to the tune even if you do not understand the words.

Little Lara certainly does not require the song’s message in her life just yet, especially with confidence like that; however, haters and keyboard warriors will invariably find ways to get to her if she continues to sing this well.

If she continues to sing this well, she will continue to be a target for both groups. But, if you shake them off, this should solve the problem.

And the judges couldn’t help but get up and dance in their seats!

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