Johnny Depp Looks Handsome in Rihanna’s Fashion Show As People Boycott Him

Johnny Depp Looks Handsome in Rihanna’s Fashion Show As People Boycott Him

Johnny Depp showed up at Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty show, even though some people were against it.

The former Pirates of the Caribbean star walked the runway in a sluggish, old-fashioned outfit, clearly channeling his inner Jack Sparrow. It seems that “pirate chic” is back in style.

Even though the walk was only about 30 seconds long, it seems to have been long enough to make some people upset online.

“This is why I say you can’t be a fanatic to any celebrity because I really do believe they live in a bubble and make decisions that will never make sense to us regular folks. With everything surrounding Johnny Depp no one in Rihanna’s team should want that man anywhere near them,” wrote one user.

“Stripping Draya and Ari of their Savage X Fenty deals cuz of their comments about domestic violence, to then put Johnny Depp on the runway of your show,” commented another, alluding to Rihanna’s alleged hypocrisy.

“No way I’m going to have to boycott Rihanna and Savage X Fenty … no f***ing way,” a third complained in response to Depp’s appearance at the show.

“Let that sink in…Rihanna is absolute trash to cast wife beater Johnny Depp. What a we can see her true cruel colors #boycottRihanna #boycottFenty,” a different critic penned.

Some people even said that his performance was too “stiff.”

“Stiff a** walk, he’s moving like a walker from the walking dead, looks like one too,” said one user.

But others came to the 59-year-old actor’s defense.

“So y’all boycotting the Fenty Show because Rihanna casted Johnny Depp. Wow okay. I guess, we’re all entitled to our opinion. A man chooses to leave a toxic relationship and it’s a problem. Okay,” tweeted one user.

Fans criticized the 34-year-old beauty mogul when they heard Depp was going to be in her work because he was such a controversial figure.

The backlash comes after Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard’s highly publicized defamation trial ended on June 1. Even though the jury found in Depp’s favor in the case, it seems that many people still find it hard to see him in a good light because of the accusations and evidence that were brought up.

Even though it’s been months, the internet still hasn’t come to terms with the verdict, and any news about either side becomes a hot topic of conversation online right away.

Depp’s most recent stint in fashion wasn’t any different.

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