College student builds a tiny house for $15K to live debt-free after becoming sick of paying rent… But see what is he facing now…

College student builds a tiny house for $15K to live debt-free after becoming sick of paying rent… But see what is he facing now…

The cost of tuition may already be rather high, but when you throw in the cost of living expenses, which may include things like housing, food, clothing, books, and other stuff, going to college may end up being an even more financially burdensome task.

As they graduate from college, a significant proportion of students have racked up significant sums of debt that they have been able to amass over the course of their four years of education.

Nonetheless, there are some students who are able to come up with creative solutions to the issue of how to avoid getting into debt.

Bradley had a great deal of expectations and goals for his future as he began his studies at the university.

On the other hand, the young man came to the realization that living on one’s own is a very costly activity.

The young man, who was born in Jacksonville, Florida, was the one who made the choice to bring about this change.

After much thought, he came to the realization that it would be more beneficial for him to build his own house rather than continue paying rent that was absurdly costly.

The enterprising young man got to work straight away and quickly came to the realization that he could build a transportable tiny house in order to reduce his living expenditures.

The length of his house is 27 feet, and the width is 8.5 feet (8.3 x 2.5m).

Bradley did not want an RV that was like everyone else and had a straightforward design on both the inside and the outside.

He reasoned that the exterior of his micro home ought to be clad in resilient vinyl that would be able to withstand the elements for a good number of years and need to be fashioned to resemble a beach cottage that one may see in Florida.

As he designed his porch, he gave it a classic look that is common in the south. As a result, he is able to kick back and enjoy the scenery from his porch while he is doing so.

In spite of the fact that the measures look to be on the small side, Bradley utilized a number of different ways to make his property look larger than it actually is.

To provide the impression that the home is more spacious, he installed a sizable window at one of the ends of the structure.

Bradley calls the place he calls home «Rolling Quarters,» and he has an entire Instagram profile dedicated to documenting the construction of his tiny house and providing guidance to others who are interested in doing the same.

Bradley is able to go wherever he wants, and he also doesn’t have to worry about falling into debt because he owns his own home outright. This gives Bradley a lot of freedom.

When it comes to the design of the interior and layout of Bradley’s tiny house, he put a lot of consideration into the kitchen, which features a counter that is 8 feet long and gives him a lot of space when he is preparing meals there.

Because he has an electric hot plate hidden under his bench, he is able to cook, and because the sink in the kitchen is rather large, he is able to clean the dishes by himself.

The seating area is really cozy, and there is a lot of storage space integrated into the design of the area. Below the sofa is a built-in storage area, and there is also a little table that faces the windows and might be used as a place to eat if you position it in that position.

In addition to a regular-sized shower and a composting toilet made by Nature’s Head, Bradley’s lavatory provides him with the convenience of using these facilities whenever he pleases without the necessity of hooking up anything to the water supply.

He possesses a loft bed that gives off an alluring vibe to be slept in. Even though he converted an old locker into a location to keep goods, the area in question is still not being used.

Bradley possesses a large amount of storage space, the majority of which he does not even consider to be necessary for him.

While Bradley is currently enrolled in college, one of the rooms in the house has been repurposed into an office.

You can find this room near the back of the house. Bradley does his homework in here and utilizes it as a study space.

When Bradley told his family that he would be constructing his own house and that he would spend just $15,000 on the whole project, Bradley’s family initially thought he was joking and thought he was making fun of them.

«Just after I graduated from high school, I took a job that required me to pay rent for an entire year before I decided it wasn’t for me.

The young Bradley explained, «After that, I went back to my house and started saving money so that I could buy it with cash and build it.»

His do-it-yourself project has not only helped him save money on rent, but it also has the potential to become an investment for him because he will be able to use it even after he graduates from college, if he ever decides to do so.

His savings on rent aren’t the only money he’s saved thanks to this project, though.

He did a fantastic job, to say the least, with the construction of this lovely little cottage.

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