The man rented out his house to 4 children and their mother... 5 months later the landlord walks in with horror...

The man rented out his house to 4 children and their mother… 5 months later the landlord walks in with horror…

The story took place in Britain, and shocked not only the residents of the small town, but also the entire country. The man had rented his house to a mother with many children, but after some time it had turned into a dump. Moreover, the neighbors did not notice anything. Shakhin Mia had given a statement that she was renting out her house for a long period of time. A woman contacted her and said that she needed a big house with all the amenities, as she was a mother of 4 children. During the meeting, the woman gave the impression of a neat and exemplary mother. During the first year, everything was fine. the wife lived with the children in that house, paying the rent normally. There were no arguments with the neighbors, despite the fact that the children were making noise. The landlord began to trust him so much that he no longer came home and received the rent through a bank transfer.

After some time, the neighbors began to notice that something was wrong. The windows were never opened, and the garbage container in front of the house was always empty. They even began to suspect that the family had left the house.

Shakhin tried to contact his wife, but she did not answer his calls. The worried homeowner came to see what was going on, but couldn’t get in. the locks were changed and no one was opening the door.


After that, Shakhin received a call from the gas service. the man learned something terrible.

It turns out that there has been no gas in the house for several months, because the employees could not carry out inspections and had to turn off the gas.

Shakhin and gas service employees came together and broke the door. The sight shocked them. Inside there were only empty walls, and on the floor was… a huge dump. It smelled terrible, there were insects and mold everywhere…

The wife and children had disappeared. Later, the police tried to find them, but the search was unsuccessful.

Shakhin spent several thousand dollars for professional cleaning and repairs. He no longer intends to rent out his house.

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