A street vendor feeds a poor boy every day; after 2 years, the child invites her to a 5-star restaurant – The story of the day

A street vendor feeds a poor boy every day; after 2 years, the child invites her to a 5-star restaurant – The story of the day

A kind street vendor takes pity on the poor boy and feeds him for free every day. Two years later, her generosity was rewarded in the most unexpected way. She is invited to a five-star restaurant and has no idea what awaits her there.

Anna was a kind woman, who used to help those in need. As a wise woman, she went through several difficult periods in her life, which taught her to be kind to people in need. To make a living, she kept a small food cart near the park, and all the customers adored her.

“Mrs. Willis! I’m so sorry. We’re out of sesame buns. Will the usual ones suit you?”.

“Oh, that’s not a problem, honey. You’re so cute.”

Anna was just like that. She lived not only by selling groceries. She appreciated it, was grateful for it and treated each client as if she had always known him\her. How could anyone not love her?

One day Anna was working in a grocery van when she saw a boy on the other side of the street looking in her direction with eyes full of need.

“Is he hungry?” she wondered. But since it was a busy day and she was inundated with orders, she didn’t pay much attention to him.

Later, when she looked across the street, the boy wasn’t there. She thought he was gone, but then she heard a thin voice behind her truck. “Excuse me, could you give me something to eat?”.

People never forget the feelings that you awaken in them.

Anna asked one of her assistants to replace her and went to the back of the truck, where she saw a thin boy in dirty clothes. He looked weak and pale, and she understood why he was so desperate for food.

“Can you at least treat me to leftovers?” – he asked. “Please, I haven’t eaten in a few days.”

“Hi, what’s your name?” Anna asked.

“I’m Tim,” the boy said. “You’re not going to drive me away, are you?”

Anna gently stroked his head. “Of course not, Tim. How about sitting on a park bench? I’ll quickly get you a sandwich and something to drink!”.

“Thank you,” he said through tears. “You are very kind.”

“And you’re too cute. Go and sit down. I’ll be there in two minutes!” she said with a smile.

Anna quickly prepared a chicken sandwich, French fries, and a drink for him.

Hungry Tim pounced on the food, and as soon as Anna gave it to him, there were tears in her eyes. “He was hungry! Poor soul,” she thought.

“Slow down, Tim,” she said softly. “If you’re still hungry, I can bring you something else.”

Suddenly Tim stopped eating.

“What happened? Didn’t you like it?” Anna asked.

Tim shook his head. “Why are you doing this? When I asked for food, everyone told me to leave. Why are you helping me?”

Anna smiled. “It’s because God helps me every day, Tim. This sandwich and drink are nothing compared to the satisfaction of being able to feed a hungry person. Bon appetit and let me know if you need more. Okay?”

Tim started crying, and Anna hugged him warmly to comfort him. She later found out that Tim’s father had lost his job after losing sight in one eye, and his mother had died in a car accident.

Anna felt terribly sorry for the boy, and she decided to help him. Therefore, she began to feed him every day for free and even sent food to his father. In return, Tim promised to help her with the truck, but she said that everything was fine.

“Dad and I are relocating,” he said. “He got a job and we have to relocate.”

“That’s great news, Tim!” said Anna, although she was sad. She would miss Tim.

“I’ll miss you, Anna,” said Tim, “and your sandwiches too!”

“Well, I’ll miss you too, boy,” said Anna. “How wonderful that everything is getting better for you and your father, Tim! Be thankful for that. We’ll see you again soon, I hope.”

Anna hadn’t expected to see Tim again after saying goodbye to him that day, but two years later she was leaving her truck one evening after work when a car pulled up next to it. The driver got out and handed Anna an envelope.

“Someone is inviting me to a five-star restaurant? Who?”, Anna asked after reading the invitation in the envelope.

Shortly afterward Tim got out of the car and ran to her. “Anna! It’s me!”

“Tim! Hey, buddy!” she hugged him warmly. “How come you’re here?”

Tim told her he wanted to repay her kindness by inviting her to dinner at a restaurant. “Dad’s in the restaurant! I’ve come for you! May I?” Tim asked, holding out his hand. Anna nodded with a smile.

“You’re a sweet boy, Tim.”

That evening Anna had a hearty dinner with Tim and his father, who thanked her for her help in difficult times. “We will never forget what you have done for us, Anna. Thank you,” he said.

Thanks to Anna, Tim learned that it is always necessary to help those in need, and thanks to Tim, Anna found companionship – the love of the family, which she has not had since she became an orphan. Kindness works wonders, doesn’t it?

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